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Thanks karen.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… India has had an awesome year so proud of her. . Thank you for all your hard work especially with the concert which was amazing.. Loved the circus ballet.. See you in the new year.. /  Love Amanda and India xxx

A big THANK YOU, TO YOU ALL & A Merry Christmas, I didn’t get the opportunity to say it on the night xxx /  Tina McGirr

Wow!!! I just wanted to congratulate you and your talented team of teachers on yet another amazing end of year concert. Aleah thoroughly enjoyed it, and all of our friends and family who came commented on what a professional production it was. Well done!!! /  Aleah can’t wait for next year & she is already asking…

You deserve a rest Miss Karen and I must say-superb costumes every single one /  Sarah & Jasmine

All performances so fantastic but also from a spectator’s point of view-some spectacular choreography from Miss Alana in today’s concerts-extremely entertaining! Those advanced girls in the hip hop and tap are awesome, also the under 14 jazz and tap troupes- such talented youngsters! /  Very inspiring and great for fitness I bet!

May you, your family and the Kazzajazz team have a wonderful Christmas. /  With huge luv from the whole Gavan family!

I just love everything you teach my kids…. so much more than the amazing art of dance. You teach them manners, courtesy, respect, grace, punctuality, you teach them to be organised and always strive to be better. /  ..

Miss K….what can I say??? AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!!! You and your team weave magic!! I loved the show. LOVED watching Emma AND….Corey….wow!! /  I had no idea!!

Another fantastic performance from all your students and teachers. It is evident they all love to teach dancing and your hard work has ensured a fabulous show. I think my Archie summed it up when he said ‘awesome’ as we were leaving. If you can entertain a 4 year old for 2.5hrs then you’ve done…

Hello Karen. HUGE congratulations on tonight’s show. It was so streamlined and professional, with beautiful costumes and dancers. It was lovely to watch. Congratulations again, to everyone. /  Warmest regards, Rach Jewiss