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What do I wear?

The Ready Set Dance uniform is available from each studio location in studio colours.

What shoes do I wear for Ready Set Dance?

The Ready Set Dance class involves Jazz and Tap styles of dance. We recommend tan jazz and tan tap shoes once your child is settled into the class. Sneakers are a suitable option until this time.

What shoes do I wear for Ready Set Ballet?

Pink Ballet shoes.

Do parents watch classes?

Parents wait in our comfortable waiting areas while classes are on. Our experience shows that the learning environment is more effective when adults and siblings are not distracting the dancers. Individual studios have ways for parents to be a part of their child’s dancing experience. This includes viewing windows and ‘Watching Days’.

Does my child get to perform?

Ready Set Dance is known for its fantastic annual concerts. These daytime concerts are held in professional venues and are a chance for each child to shine. Concert participation is optional.

What is the cost of each class?

Please contact each individual studio for fee policies and rates.

How do we enroll?

Please click on the enrolment form - fill out and email to
If you have any further questions please call Karen 0414 668 723

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