K Kompany


K Kompany is the name given to Troupes who represent Kazzajazz Modern Dance Studio in Eisteddfods & Competitions.

They also appear at various social events to promote Kazzajazz & as entertainment at community events (Carols in the City, Mall Shows & Dragons home games, Dreamworld, Seaworld, Movieworld & school fairs to name a few).

K Kompany can be very exciting as students build performance skills, perform along side Australia’s industry professionals & get to travel & compete with their friends. Kazzajazz has a brilliant reputation with Troupes taking out first places at many major Competitions. Students find K Kompany a rewarding experience but it is not without some sacrifice.

On Wednesday afternoons & evenings, students learn choreography, rehearse & perfect their routines. Unless a student is ill they are expected to attend EVERY Wednesday. This means sometimes children miss school discos, birthday parties, etc because they have a commitment to K Kompany. Fantastic results do not happen without team work & every member must be present to achieve this. We do realise that occasionally a student may have a prior commitment or something rare that may clash, so private tuition is available for students at the usual fee. Parents also make a commitment to ensure their child practises & is confident with their routines, is present on Wednesdays & ensure their child is well presented & on time at Eisteddfods & performances. Students perform & compete in a minimum of 4 times per year & are expected to attend each time. K Kompany can be hard work however it is also very rewarding & students should be honoured to be included.

Entry into K Kompany is by invitation & audition.

There are certain criteria that students need to fulfil to become eligible.

Students must attend Kazzajazz for a minimum of 12 months

  • Students must attend a minimum 2 classes per week in 2 different styles
  • i.e., Jazz & Tap or Jazz & Ballet etc – many K Kompany students attend Jazz, Ballet, Tap & Contemporary & display a high standard in each style Students must show an eagerness in class, confidence & a positive attitude
  • Students must attend 1 Ballet class per week to be eligible for Contemporary or Lyrical competition troupes!
  • All Fees must be kept up to date
  • Students must maintain a high standard in class work

Once a student has been accepted into K Kompany they will be chosen to perform in the style that best suits them. Some students will compete in Jazz Troupes only; others may appear in ALL Troupes (Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Song & Dance etc).

If your child meets the criteria & is willing to make the commitment to K Kompany (excellent examination results are a good indication), please speak to Miss Karen.